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Deaerator Systems

Our deaerator systems are sized for our 72,000 PPH rental boilers. Each system consists of one spray-type deaerating feedwater heater, two boiler feedwater pumps, and two chemical feed systems. The systems are modularly designed which allows for easy assembly and installation. Once installed, the system is comparable to a permanent deaerator system providing sufficient NPSH to the feedwater pumps.

General Deaerator System Specs

Water Softener Systems 

Our water softener systems are designed to supply up to a 72,000 PPH capacity for a boiler with a 5% blowdown rate. The systems are skid-mounted and consist of two vessels, all piping and valves and semi-automatic (flow or manually initiated) regeneration control systems.

General Water Softener System Specs


Our economizers are available as a cost-saving addition to rental boilers. Acting as a heat exchanger, an economizer preheats the boiler feedwater to increase the efficiency of the boiler and to reduce fuel costs.

General Economizer specs

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